Become a BROKER

We believe that the backbone of our economy is the small to medium business. They create jobs, lead innovation, reflect diversity and ultimately become big business.
Research has shown that the biggest challenge an SME faces, is access to finance. As SA s leading loan provider, Pollen Finace has helped businesses by funding over R1 billion to date.
We are looking for like-minded individuals to partner us on this exciting journey. We offer excellent commission based incentives in return for your lead provision.
Our brokers are typically individuals or organisations that interact with small to medium business on a regular basis. Accountants, bookkeepers, insurance brokers, business consultants and similar institutions are perfect candidates.

Become a lead provider today and assist your clients with the funding they need to grow their business.

  • Pollen Finance approves loans of up to R1.5m in as little as just 3 days
  • Your commission is paid immediately on approval
  • Earn further commissions each time a client is successfully refinanced
  • Register today and help your clients with their businesses


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